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Caster - Casting Machine

Using machines in continuous casting process is a first step to automatisation production process resin materials solid surface, polymer concrete etc. This system opposite to manual methods helps to save your time, materials, solvents, and what is more - your money.

The machine after setting formula in continuous way prepare ready mixture aggregate with resin and hardener or catalyst. Formed polymer mass is ready to application into mould in two ways: under pressure or by gravity die casting.

Continuous casting machine in caster type (such as caster) allows better quantum of aggregate versus resin ratio. Cast products solid surface such as cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured granite can usually obtain 10-28% ratio. However in polymer matrix composite (polymer concrete mass) case the ratio is even up to 11%. Achievement such good results depends mainly on parameters used aggregates (shape, form, absorption, gradation fraction) and resin itself (capability to moisten molecules).  Because the whole process is taking place in continuous way, cleaning the machine may occur after completion (ending) series of a casting only. Amount of used solvent is independent of quantity manufactured material.

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